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Open everyday during lunch!


Want to practice typing  at home?


Image that says Congratulations.

To our two Fourth Graders who can type at over 50 wpm with 80% accuracy!

Computer Lab

Learn a Language with Duolingo!

Doulingo character. Learn a language at school or home with duolingo. 

At school students can learn Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, & more! 

If a student is interested in learning Japanese, this can be done on the free duolingo app.


Sign in with an underscore, first name, and first letter of last name: _FirstL  

Student password: 00_ _ _ _


Star Learning


If you want an account, let Ms. Riel know!


Want to learn coding at home?


Games and Prizes!

Want a Root Beer float, a prize from a treasure box, and your name on the Typer Wall?

Show Ms. Riel you can type a with at least 20 wpm and 80% accuracy on a typing test!


Want a Root Beer float, a prize from a treasure box, and have learned some awesome coding?

Complete a challenge bitsbox card! If you can complete a card with no instructions, using only what you have learned from other cards, then you get rewarded. 


Want to take home a Star Wars paper lantern, a BB8, or a Gryffindor banner?

Challenge Ms. Riel to a one-on-one ztype or nitro type battle, and if you win, you take home your prize.