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Support Our School


Free Money For Our School



There are many ways to support our school that are at no cost to you.

1. Grocery Club Cards

By shopping at Nob Hill or Safeway using a grocery card that is linked to our school we receive 1% of your total. If you shop at Lucky using your grocery card we receive 3% back. If you have not received a grocery card please call Stephanie at 370-7693 to sign up for one. There is no cost for the cards and every time you use it we get a percentage back.

2. Target and Macy's Cards

If you have a Target or Macy?s credit card you can have it linked to our school and the company will donate a percentage of what you charge on the card to our school. These are credit cards that you have to apply and qualify for and come with a interest rate and charge a finance fee monthly. More information about these cards can be found on their websites or in their stores.